Grief Healing 

Sharon is an expert in her field. She is able to assist you and remind you that you are not alone. Grief causes physical, emotional and spiritual pain. It has been often said that grief comes in stages, but that is not my belief. There are various emotions experienced during grief, denial, anger, guilt, extreme sadness often referred to as depression rather than grief which is completely normal after loss and these feelings can be experienced independently, all at once or not at all. There are no time limitations or a right way to grieve, everyone has their own ways of coping and healing depending on the relationship and the connection. We all grieve differently and need to respect the right, space and time needed to heal from loss without comparing and forcing what is a natural process of life. 

6-Week Program-Private Sessions
Program Fee $300

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Spiritual Channeling

Sharon Price, Spiritual Author, Translator and Grief & Wellness Specialist Sharon has been channeling messages for over 30 years using her intuitive abilities to translate messages of healing from loved ones.

She is truly genuine and unique in her approach. She always honors what is perceived by delivering the message the way it is received with love, compassion and integrity. 

Fee $90-30 minutes click here to pay for private session

mind, body & spirit Wellness Program

Customized Individual Program We start your program with an assessment and personal interview to review your health and nutrition information. We design your personalized wellness plan based on the assessment and evaluation. We will present your wellness plan during your 2nd visit. You will continue to meet with your wellness specialist weekly for 10 consecutive weeks to go over your progress, set your goals for your physical, nutritional and emotional health. First Week $100 Consultation Weeks 2-12 $50 Individual Coaching and Planning Sessions  

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Life Coaching 

Whether you are a new client or have worked with us before, we are committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need. We all struggle with life changes at times and need a little help getting unstuck or support to deal with unexpected changes.

If you have completed our Grief Healing or Spirit Program and are struggling with new or unresolved challenges, we are here to help. Our one-on-one private sessions are designed to assist you in resolving conflicts and moving forward with your healing  journey.  Contact us today to schedule your private session and take the next step towards healing and growth.

Coaching Session Fee $50-30 Minutes

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